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Skin imperfection removal

Unique versatile NON-INVASIVE aesthetic device based on High Frequency Ultrasonic Technology that delivers instantaneous results in removal of common superficial skin irregularities conditions with minimal discomfort. 

What Are Skin Imperfections?

 How Are Imperfections Removed?

               Skin imperfections come in a variety of sizes, and include anything from milia to moles to skin tags. These lumps and bumps can be tiny but annoying. Specially when you're wanted to take the perfect selfie. The most common skin imperfections are milia, moles and skin tags. The imperfections form naturally and they can even be permanent. However, thanks to technology, they can also be quickly and easily removed.

               At Zora Skin Care Clinic our preferred method of removing skin imperfections is using high frequency ultrasonic technology – a device which sends electric currents into the imperfection and dehydrates, causing them to fall off. The device heats the skin, which kills the imperfection to treated tissue. The body then heals the imperfection. The treatment is very precise and will only treat the imperfection itself, usually taking not more than 30 minutes. 

This treatment is done with a High Frequency Electrical current the delivers precise electrical sparks through micro electric probe to dehydrate a kin growth. 

Almost all the times, the probe remains apart from the tissue being treated and the current sparks cacross the gab causing dehydration of the skin growth. There is no blood associated with the treatment. They will be dehydrated and a scab real;aces the area where the growth originated. From this point on, new skin cells start regenerating from underneath. The treated area will heal and new healthy skin will return and gradually take on the color of the surrounding tissue. 

What skin types can be treated?

This treatment can be done on all skin types.

Does the treatment hurt?

There is a minimal discomfort and it's recommended to apply topical anesthesia 20 minutes prior to treatment.

How long does it take for the skin to heal?

Healing time is short, any where from a day to few weeks, depending on the case, size and type of the skin irregularity removed. Treated area might be irritated, turn red and scabs will appear.

How many treatment sessions do I need?

Results of most cosmetic treatments by our machine are instantaneous, and immediate, while large irregularities may need more than one treatment. Most will be gone and fade from with only 1 session, if the flaw isn't gone to your satisfaction then you may receive another treatment after 4-6 weeks to ensure complete healing of the treated area.

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