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Injections are substances injected beneath the skin to add lost volume, plumpness, remove lines & wrinkles. Our injections here in North Vancouver are a non-surgical way to give you a more youthful look for a fraction of traditional facelift & beauty costs. 


Injections can also treat hair loss, help with melting body fat, migraines & more!

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Experts In Injections


As you age, your skin loses elasticity. It just can’t snap back into place quite as easily. As your skin loses elasticity, it can often begin to sag, creating wrinkles and excess skin. In other words, this sagging skin can make you look far older than you feel. Think about a balloon that’s run out of air—that’s basically what happens to your skin as it loses elasticity. That’s why a group of cosmetic surgeons developed what are called injectable fillers, sometimes referred to as injectable volumizers. This includes famous brand names such as Voluma and Juvederm, not to mention Restylane or Radiesse.

Fill injections in most cases function just how they sound like they’d work: they fill lost volume. They blow the balloon back up to make the skin look smooth. Some injectables do this using a substance call hyaluronic acid or a formulation of that substance. While it may have a somewhat intimidating name, hyaluronic acid is actually a chemical found within your own body already. Adding hyaluronic acid gets your natural collagen processes jumpstarted, not only providing volume but also helping to generate a collagen lattice to give that volume some structure.



Dr. Dheshnie Thangavelu is a double boarded anesthesiologist with an amazing skill with needles specializing in cosmetic & medical injections! Licensed to practice in 3 countries such as Canada, UK and South Africa, she comes with years of experience. Dr.Dheshnie still practices anesthesia to keep up her skills and teaches residents and medical students at UBC. She is certified in aesthetics with injectables, PRP for facials, hair loss and P shots, Sclerotherapy, PDO threads for non-surgical face lifts, interventional pain medicine as well as Injectables for migraines, depression and TMJ disorders. Her training in aesthetics is mainly from the USA & Canada and she is continually training and learning more advanced therapies for pain and aesthetics.

Variety Of Uses

Time has proven that injectables are a versatile group of procedures. Indeed, injectable are a primary component of many of the innovative non-surgical treatments available in the world today.

Injectables that use hyaluronic acid are generally reversible, though those that don’t are not. Some fillers will last roughly six months, while others can last years. Some are designed for deep tissue while others are best at targeting more shallow areas. The filler that works best for you will depend greatly on your desired results and how long you’d like those results to last.

Treatable Areas:


  • Frown lines: deep wrinkles

  • Forehead: deep wrinkles

  • Lips body

  • Lip lines

  • Lip border

  • Cheeks volume (cheek augmentation)

  • Down-turned smile or sad mouth (marionette lines)

  • Under eye hollow (tear trough)

  • Dimpled chin

  • Scars

  • Any wrinkles on your face

  • Hands

Cosmetics Injections Is Also Very Effective For:

  • Smoothing wrinkles and folds.

  • Forehead worry lines.

  • Between the brows frown lines.

  • Crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes.

  • Vertical lines around the lips.

  • Dimpling of the chin.

  • Lifting the eyebrows and corners of the mouth.

  • Relaxing vertical neck bands.

  • Reducing the frequency and severity of migraine and tension            headaches.

  • Relieving excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the palms, face,             underarms and soles of the feet.

  • Eliminating the pain and discomfort of teeth grinding and TMJ.

  • Decreasing the frequency of migraine headaches.

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