We offer a wide variety of eyelash extensions and application based on the shape of the face and desired effect, in addition to full range of cosmetic products formulated specifically for lashes and eye area, professional application products and delicate jewels like Swarovski crystals for  totally glamorous look!

The result is simply stunning!

How does it work?


The eyelash extensions application is a completely painless and relaxing treatment during which you are

comfortably lying on an aesthetic bed.

Based on the desired effect, the morphology of your face and shape of your eyes, the technician will determine

with you the type of application and extensions to use. The eye lash extension technique consist in applying a synthetic

eyelash on the natural lash, one by one.


Is it Risky?


Absolutely not! the trained technician will carefully protect your eyes and your upper and lower eyelids.

The eye lash extensions are then applied with high-quality glue developed in laboratory here in Canada, without

ever coming in contact with your skin. Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes, nor will affect your eyes.


How long does it last?


As long as you want to! As you would do for nails, you can keep your glamorous look for as long you wish! Every extension will fall off with the natural lash, at the end of the life-cycle of the lash onto which it is applied. Therefore, you will need a touch-up every 3 to 6 weeks. Of course, the lifespan of your extensions will also depend on the care you give them! A few simple steps will need to become part of your daily routine in order to keep your extensions at their best!

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