Frequently asked questions

Am I a candidate for the P-Shot?

The best candidates for the P-Shot are men wanting an alternative to erectile dysfunction medications. However, the P-Shot is also a treatment used by men without ED, who are seeking improved function, pleasure, size, girth, and longevity of erections.

Does it hurt?

Because the P-Shot uses needles to withdraw blood from your arm and inject PRP into your penis, there is discomfort associate with the procedure. However, we use numbing cream to minimize discomfort as much as possible.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients experience immediate results, while others experience changes after a couple weeks, but no longer than three months post-procedure. Volume increase is immediate, due to the injections and growth factors, but tends to go down a bit as the body absorbs the PRP. New tissue growth occurs over the next 12 weeks, but individual responses vary. The P-Shot is particularly effective for erectile dysfunction due to non-physiological causes. Results are not guaranteed and last up to two years.

Are there side effects?

The P-Shot has no known side effects, though some patients experience some soreness near injection sides for a day or so.

Will I need more shots?

Most men experience improved function after one treatment, lasting up to two years, though some men prefer to get an additional shot eight weeks after the initial one for additional benefit. There is no limit to the number of shots you can safely have, but we’ll discuss risks and benefits with you at your consultation.

Do you offer Interest-Free Payments?

At Zora Skin Care & Wellness Centre, we don’t want complicated financial requirements to keep you from getting the treatment you desire. That’s why we are happy to offer interest-free payment plans on our P-Shot treatment to make it easier and affordable. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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